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preserving skin health


I help skin that isn't functioning as it should. That may be experiencing a plethora of issues and may be prematurely ageing as a consequence. Let's improve your skin health and release you from the negative spiral that is...


meet lucy

this is her story...

"I've always had freckles and these have never bothered me. My hyper-pigmentation started after my first pregnancy and was very mild, but unfortunately I became a sun-worshipper and used sun-beds regularly, which caused the patches to darken. My second pregnancy was a huge turning point and the problem became much worse. At this point, my skin couldn't tolerate the sun and I started to feel very self-conscious, especially around my mouth...I felt like I had a moustache and goatee! My skin in general feels dull and I struggle with excess oil , regularly having to dab this away and re-powder throughout the day. I also think the bigger darker patches on my left cheek look like I've tried to contour...but badly! I would love to be able to confidently not wear make-up. Skin is the first thing people see and I want desperately to be happy with mine".

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​​​​Lucy's maintenance journey continues, but her confidence is growing day by day.


" My skin has never felt as healthy or looked as good as it does now. I have stopped wearing foundation. I cannot say enough how truly amazing Maria is, her knowledge is incredible"



finally like lucy, you too can look in the mirror and love what you see!

Maria is amazing at what she does and creates such a relaxing and calming environment. She is meticulous and has outstanding attention to detail. I started going to her three years ago before I got married, having read some recommendations and I've not been disappointed. I've gradually, over time, added in more and more treatments with her and I've also changed my skincare routine to include the products that she uses and recommends. She is fantastic!

I have been seeing Maria for 7 years and would not go anywhere else! From the moment you walk through the door she will put you at ease, listen to your concerns and give excellent advice. She has a wealth of knowledge and is just an amazing person.

Maria has helped massively with my over pigmented skin thanks to her heavenly facials and I would 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Maria's facials are exceptional! Always tailored just for you, she offers expert advice, provides the most wonderfully relaxing experience - a professional through and through. Whether you're looking for help with a facial skin condition or just some relaxing 'me' time, I couldn't recommend Maria enough.

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