bespoke facials

Let me customise your facial to address your unique skin health needs.


All you need do is follow these simple steps...


Step 1   

Book the amount of time you would like with me

Step 2   

Decide whether you would like relaxation, results or both R&R

Step 3   

Leave the rest to me to work my magic, giving your skin whatever, it needs on the day

60 mins £85 | 90 mins £115 | 120 mins £145 | 150 mins £195

led light therapy

Harness the power of light therapy to evoke cellular change. Clinically proven results. Targeting acne, ageing and inflammation.

45 mins £50 | Course of 10 £475


An ideal way to address the signs of ageing, scar tissue, and mild pigmentation. The skin naturally produces collagen & elastin when it heals. This treatment introduces a series of minute wounds to stimulate this natural process. Needle lengths vary, dependent on the needs of the skin.

inc. CE marked for injection hyaluronic acid & LED

60 mins £150 | Course of 3 £427.50 | Course of 6 £855


Work-out the whole face & neck with this micro-current facial to tone and tighten your facial muscles.

60 mins £85 | Course of 10 £807.50


This progressive treatment is the only proven method of permanent hair removal.

0-15 min £25 | Course of 10 £237.50
15-30 mins £40 | Course of 10 £380

advanced electrolysis

For the safe treatment of benign blemishes such as milia, skin tags, campbells de morgan, seborrheoic keratosis and telangiectasia.