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Treatments to maintain glowing, healthy skin

bespoke facials

Let me customise your facial to address your unique skin health needs.


All you need do is follow these simple steps...


Step 1   

Book the amount of time you would like with me

Step 2   

Decide whether you would like relaxation, results or both R&R

Step 3   

Leave the rest to me to work my magic, giving your skin whatever, it needs on the day

60 mins £85 | 90 mins £115 | 120 mins £145 | 150 mins £195
Course of 3 or 6 - 10% off

led light therapy

Harness the power of light therapy to evoke cellular change. Clinically proven results. Targeting acne, ageing and inflammation.

45 mins £50 | Course of 6 - 10% off


An ideal way to address the signs of ageing, scar tissue, and mild pigmentation. The skin naturally produces collagen & elastin when it heals. This treatment introduces a series of minute wounds to stimulate this natural process. Needle lengths vary, dependent on the needs of the skin.

inc. CE marked for injection hyaluronic acid & LED

60 mins £150 | Course of 3 or 6 - 10% off

the swich

The alternative to chemical peels. The focus of this treatment is not removing the top layer of the epidermis, but to work deeper into the skin to induce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). In laymen's these are the molecules that carry energy to the cells. This treatment literally re-energises damaged or atrophied cells.

The perfect solution for ageing, textured and hyper-pigmented skins.

60 mins £150 | Course of 3 or 6 - 10% off


This effervescent oxygenating treatment breathes life into dull lifeless skin.

Oxygen serves to reduce inflammation and microbial action, so it is also particularly effective against Rosacea and Acne symptoms, without stripping or compromising the skin barrier and results are enhanced when combined with an enzyme treatment.

60 mins £110 | Course of 3 or 6 - 10% off


Work-out the whole face & neck with this micro-current facial to tone and tighten your facial muscles.

60 mins £85 | Course of 6 - 10% off


This progressive treatment is the only proven method of permanent hair removal.

00-15 mins £25 | Course of 6 - 10% off
15-30 mins £40 | Course of 6 - 10% off

advanced electrolysis

For the safe treatment of benign blemishes such as milia, skin tags, campbells de morgan, seborrheoic keratosis and telangiectasia.


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