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If you’ve been struggling with your skin, it may be time to look at things from a new perspective. 

Skin health is more than what you do for your skin topically, although I can't deny this is a key aspect. It’s easy to forget that your skin is an organ and is intrinsically linked to to what is going on in your body as a whole.


Often the issues you face with your skin are signals; your skin is telling you there is a problem within! If you only opt for a quick fix and don’t work to solve the underlying issues, you will always be fighting fires.


This is why it is important for me to understand where you and your skin are currently at. This way I can tailor (or tweak) a homecare regimen and offer simple lifestyle advice to help start your journey the right way.

Years of experience has gone into fine-tuning the way I work.  If you want sustainable results and healthy skin, then today is the day to begin your conscious skin journey.

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Underpinning everything I do is the way I work.


Years of experience has taught me that optimal skin health is not achieved by any one thing. In fact, it's lots of things working together in harmony.


From this philosophy my methodology for success was born. Approaching skin with my SK-INTELLEKT® process often mitigates the need for in-clinic interventions. Great news if you have a busy schedule, a restricted budget or you live a long way from my clinic.


SK-INTELLEKT® takes a functional and holistic approach to your skin! It brings together what I believe are the four essential elements to help you achieve visible and sustainable results inside and out.

It really is the intelligent way to care for your skin!

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